16 Feb

Dinesh Bafna owner and president of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite Inc. is a successful businessman from Cleveland who along with his main business of countertops also runs several other associations and corporations. An extraordinary person with a very good prestige. He started his first business in1989 in a warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio, and from there has expanded to several other states and cities in the United States of America. The small business started by him way back in the 1980s has now almost nine divisions across the Midwest. American states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New York. His businesses have a good presence in major US cities like Buffalo, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc. Even after achieving his American Dream, and is connected to his roots. In his home country India, Bafna has been supporting many organizations for the past many years. His major focus has always been on the Healthcare sector and Education Sector of India. Organizations like Sumerpur Schools and Hospitals, Arihant Hospitals, and Sadri Sambelan have been blessed with his constant support for their noble endeavors. Bafna is an Arts graduate from the State University of Bowling Green.The humble beginnings of Bafna have certainly helped him in many ways in helping him reach the pinnacle. Those beginnings have shaped the way Bafna interacts with his employees, clients, and business partners with such effectiveness. Bafna stands out as a perfect example and role model for budding entrepreneurs or those who wish to start their own business. Dinesh Bafna Cleveland has indeed with his passion and determination proven that if there is a will, there is a way. He is a well-known face in the world of business and has a great reputation among the local community of Cleveland. His rather humble appearance strikes many people, showing how down to Earth Bafna is despite being the man behind a successful empire. Bafna has stood out as a perfect in handling business among not only his local community but also the business world.

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