19 Oct

Dinesh Bafna's hard work and commitment serves his clients and customers at the highest level.  He has become a renowned businessman in the fine surface material industry. Dinesh Bafna from Cleveland is a wonderful mentor who leads his entire team and carries three decades of experience. He has fine-tuned his skills and adapted his business, which was started in a small warehouse in 1989.  He now has 8 Divisions throughout the Midwest.  

Due in part to the Bafna's reputation, Susie Frazier collaborated with him to utilize his expertise in a design-centered connection to nature utilizing design and fine surface materials from Dinesh Bafna's Mont Surfaces. The intent was to create a lifestyle to assist people to personally design their living spaces.

Additionally, he has exemplary communication skills, which help him create great relationships with clients and customers. He has explored new ways of marketing of businesses by learning and attending several workshops. Dinesh Bafna believes in improving his business networking approaches and makes the best creative and positively lasting impression on his clients and customers in every business networking situation.

He has gone out of his way to customize products according to the requirements of potential customers and always exceed their satisfaction level.  He has always kept his business on top. His quench for knowledge and desires to serve his clients has rewarded him with his business growth and success. Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna has the edge over his competitors because he is a constant and fast learner. He attends workshops and training to learn the new technological advancements and has implemented it in his business operations. He has utilized his education to participate in unparalleled heights, and he avoids fraud and has built himself the honour of a confident entrepreneur. Dinesh Bafna from Cleveland has been in the industry for over 30 years, and he has a respected name in the business of fine surface materials.

His hands-on and innovative approach to business and has many positive achievements. He has fostered dedicated business partners, staff and clientele. Dinesh Bafna's expertise and benevolence justifies the success that he has achieved.

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