10 Sep

The destination does not determine the journey. It is determined by the first step you have taken. Dinesh Bafna is a well-known businessman in the field of surfaces. Dinesh Bafna is a person of high moral character and integrity. He faces each day with the same enthusiasm as it is the first day of the business. He believes in staying positive and highly focused. Distractions need to be kept at bay at all costs. Dinesh Bafna is known to have run many businesses successfully. His major success includes the fine surfaces dealership named Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite Inc.

Dinesh Bafna started his journey from a warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1989, the foundation stone of Mont Surfaces was placed. Mont Surfaces has become one of the household names for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, and waterscape pavers from a small beginning to eight divisions. Dinesh Bafna's details include his business, lifestyle, personal life, and educational background.  He is known to have a comprehensive knowledge of running companies, building networks, and creating leaders across his corporations. He believes in updating knowledge and skills every day.

He is blessed with a beautiful family. Dinesh Bafna married his wife Sangita Bafna and was blessed with two children, Kunaal Bafna and Kurren Bafna. He is a keen reader and always likes to keep himself updated with seminars, workshops, and audiobooks. Dinesh Bafna also likes to involve himself in golf and other sports. He has made contributions to several charitable organizations such as American Red Cross and hospitals in India.

Dinesh Bafna's personality and reputation far exceed his skills. He is a beloved figure among the people. He makes sure that he talks and interacts with as many people as he can through his social media and meets people to understand the social scene. He is also a family guy. While running so many businesses can be hectic, he makes sure that he never misses out on family get-togethers and his family events. He loves his family dearly and dedicates all his success to his family support. His wife and both the sons empower him to reach his goals and fulfill all his ambitions which later translates into success. Dinesh Bafna Cleveland is never scared of false accusations and claims against his business methods. He believes in standing tall to his words and morals.

He has also built a few design centers of Mont Studios where people worldwide and designers can come and take design inspiration for interior decor, outdoor styling, and designing or art in general. Those design centers are meant to showcase the beauty of delicate surfaces and the wide varieties of artistic design they can find at Mont Surfaces.
He has always been interested in arts and business, and that is how he combined business, art, and skill by entering the fine surface materials industry. Mont Surfaces is the embodiment of his passion for customer service, designing, and business management.

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